Vaucluse / Watsons Bay

Vaucluse is located on the South Head peninsula, just south of The Gap with Sydney Harbour on the west and the Tasman Sea to the east. The Sydney Harbour side of the suburb commands views across the harbour to the Sydney Harbour Bridge. Watsons Bay sits on the end of the South Head peninsula and takes its name from the sheltered bay and anchorage on its western side. Vaucluse is a mainly residential suburb. For many years, it was the most affluent suburb in Sydney and in terms of houses and properties is still in the top five most expensive suburbs. ​

Vaucluse / Watsons Bay Properties​
4 Bedrooms | 4 Bathrooms | Parking
Hopetoun Avenue, Vaucluse
Architectural Haven
2 Bedrooms | 2 Bathrooms | Parking
Magic Harbour Views
Bell Street, Watsons Bay
5 Bedrooms | 4 Bathrooms | Parking
Large Private Family Retreat
Village High Road, Vaucluse
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