Located just 5.5 kilometres from the city centre, and with reknowned restaurants, boutiques, bars & designer warehouse stores that are open to the public, it's no wonder Rosebery has become a city fringe hot spot.

Rosebery was named after Archibald Phillip Primrose, the fifth Earl of RoseberyPrime Minister of the United Kingdom in 1894–95. The suburb was named in his honour after his visit to Australia for two months in 1883–84.

Rosebery was once the site of Rosebery Racecourse, which first opened as a pony track in 1906.  Nowadays though Rosebery has a mix of residential, commercial & light industrial developments, but the landscape is being redeveloped with new housing and commercial developments displacing many industrial businesses.

Rosebery Properties
6 Bedrooms | 4 Bathrooms | Parking
Huge Family Home with Swimming Pool
Dunning Avenue, Rosebery
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